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Dharma Talks

Join our listeners from around the globe for Lisa’s dharma talks and guided meditations on Soundcloud. These talks are offered freely and donations are much appreciated.

New Dharma Talk: Exploring Groundlessness and Freedom when Life Throws a Curve Ball

Here we are again, whip lashed by the rise of the Delta variant just as many of us thought the worst of the virus was in the rear view mirror. How do we navigate with no reliable ground? This talk explores how to walk where there is no ground and how to find freedom even when the rug is pulled out from under your feet.


When Thoughts Fall Away Into Emptiness

The Five Spiritual Powers Talk 1 – Faith, Energy and Mindfulness

The Five Spiritual Powers Talk 2 – Concentration and Wisdom

Invisible People: Why They’re Important in Lovingkindess Pracctice

Metta, or lovingkindness practice, teaches us that all humans have the same needs for safety, well being, and freedom from suffering. The practice of offering kindness to an indifferent person in particular led me to a deeper exploration of what “neutral” or “indifferent” really means. It has completely changed my perspective and expanded my practice. Perhaps it can for you, too.

Lovingkindness and Interconnection Featuring My Octopus Teacher

This talk explores how patience, constancy and trust with the unknown can bring us to tenderness and true interconnection. Inspired by the Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher, Lisa explores these teachings through this powerful and moving example and her own dharma experiences.

Making Peace with Your Ego: Finding Freedom Through Letting Go

This is the full recording from a daylong retreat I led at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in 2018. It includes all of the instructions, talks, guided meditations and q&a’s from that day. You can make a mini retreat of it, or just listen to the various offerings as you wish.

Gratitude and the Two Arisings: Love and Emptiness

Skillful Ways to Work with Thought in Meditation

Dharma Steps for Meeting Fear with Wisdom and Equanimity

Taking Refuge and Guided Metta During the Time of Caronavirus

The Confluence of Emptiness and Compassion

The Dharma of Giving and Receiving

Saying Yes, the Cabin in the Woods (a talk on trauma)

Attention is the Beginning of Devotion 

The Dharma of Gratitude: Deepening Connection to Life

Guided Meditations

Compassionate Heart Guided Meditation

Spaciousness of the Breath

Mind Like Sky

Meeting Fear with Compassion

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

The Emptiness of the Breath

Guided Lovingkindness Meditation

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