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Waking up to Everyday Inconvenience

Karma, Choice and the Mind

Equanimity in Presence and Impermanence

How to Cultivate Wisdom and Creativity Through Don’t Know Mind

The Power of Vedana Practice (Feeling Tones)

The Two Truths: The Conditioned and Unconditioned

Meditation and Retreat Toolbox – Working with Thought in Meditation

How Not to Scratch the Itch of Craving

Exploring Sankhara (Mental Factors) in Meditation

The Circumference of Dharma

Awakening Together Through the Union of Emptiness and Compassion

Body Practice and Breaking out of The Mind Cage

Radical Empathy and Inner Compassion

Exploring Groundlessness and Freedom When Life Throws a Curve Ball

The Cabin in The Woods (a talk on trauma)

Guided Meditations

Equanimity Guided Meditation

Guided Self Compassion

Spaciousness of the Breath

Mind Like Sky

Meeting Fear with Compassion

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

The Emptiness of the Breath

Guided Lovingkindness Meditation

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