Saturday, May 15, online with Zoom

10:30 – 4:30 CST

“If we cannot recognize the truth, then it cannot liberate us from untruth.”

– Dr. James Cone

Please join us for this special co-creative workshop. We will explore the nature of the widening charms of division in America and the delusional views that support them. While there have always been cycles of lies and delusion in human life, how can those of us alive today disentangle from what is not wise and true? How can the dharma empower us in wisdom and love so we can create change in these cycles? With awakened minds and compassionate hearts each one of us can play a part in contributing to happiness, clarity, and freedom for all.

This daylong will be a time of practice, reflection, connecting and restoration for all of us. We will navigate the nature of delusion, division and interconnection through inquiry, dialogue, meditation and talks. We’ll explore practices that allow us to see through inner and outer division so that our hearts can rest in equanimity. We’ll also identify practical steps we can take to support liberation for ourselves and others in the world.

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Teacher Bios

Thomas Davis IV is a mindfulness and life teacher, contemplative artist and founder of, and guiding teacher of the InsightLA POC Sangha in Los Angeles, CA. Thomas emphasizes the importance of contemplative exploration and authentic expression to students, through deeper study and relavant application of the traditional principles of Mindfulness and complimentary Wisdom traditions, Jazz Theory and Arts. Thomas has over 25 years of Path Practice being informed through Christian and Buddhist traditions, and completed the Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader training in 2017.

Lisa Ernst is a meditation teacher, artist and founder of One Dharma Nashville. In her teaching, Lisa emphasizes both transformational insight and everyday awakening as an invitation to embrace all of the path’s possibilities. Lisa has been meditating for 30 years in the Zen and Vipassana traditions. She received teaching authorization in the Thai Forest/Spirit Rock lineage of Ajahn Chah, Jack Kornfiled and Trudy Goodman. Lisa offers meditation training and classes, and she teaches retreats nationally. As a practicing visual artist Lisa incorporates Dharma into contemplative photography and writing.