Breath by Breath Practice Group

Starts April 19, Registration deadline is April 12

Led by One Dharma Meditation Teachers Julie Noland and Geoff Lovett

Join us for this special six month practice and study group meeting once monthly. In his book Breath-by-Breath on the Annipatansati sutra, Larry Rosenberg wanted to give his readers the option of using it as a practice guide. Chapter-by-chapter, Rosenberg offers a systematic training that utilizes mindfulness of the breath to support practicing with the other foundations of mindfulness. We are excited to read Rosenberg’s book together and see what happens when the training is undertaken by an in-person group of dedicated practitioners. (Dedicated practitioners are anyone who has a daily practice or is able to commit to one for the duration of the 6 months of meetings.)

We will meet from 7-8:30 on the third Wednesday of the month at the Friends Meetinghouse, 530 26th Ave S. All meetings will be in-person only. There will be 5 meetings. The practice group will run April-September (skipping July).

Meeting Format:

  • 5 minutes of silent meditation
  • Personal practice discussion
  • Review of this month’s chapter by the facilitator
  • Open discussion of chapter
  • Mini-instructions / pointers for next month’s chapter
  • 5 minutes of silent meditation

Facilitators Geoff and Julie offer this course for those registering and make a one-time registration donation to One Dharma ($50-75 for the whole course). Payments can be made at Venmo (preferred) @onedharma, or paypal here.

Meeting date (pages to be read in advance of meeting)

April 19:  Ch1 (pp. 10-50)

May 17: Ch2 (pp. 51-79)

June 21:  Ch3 (pp. 80-111)

August 16: Ch4 (pp. 112-148)

September 20: Ch5-7 (pp. 149-197)

We look forward to seeing you! In advance of the first meeting, please engage with the Mindfulness practices described in Chapter 1 several times a week during formal sits and make a brief log entry of your experience. For questions, email Julie at

Payment refund policy: No refunds available after classes start, 50% refund prior to the first meeting.