Deepening the Heart Practices

Saturday, December 9

9 a.m. – Noon CT in Person and Online

Led by Lisa Ernst

“Buddhism is a religion of the heart. Only this. One who practices to develop the heart is one who practices Buddhism” – Ajahn Chah

More than ever the world needs kindness and love. Please join us as we develop and deepen what the Buddha called “the immeasurable states of heart and mind” – the Brahma Viharas or Divine Abodes. These are the qualities of love, compassion, joy and equanimity that reside within us all. As we awaken to these boundless qualities, we discover the truest calling of our hearts and respond to life with a deeper sense of care, joy and interconnection with all of life.

This half day retreat is suitable for all levels of experience and will include instructions, meditation, dharma talk and time for discussion. Offered in person and online. Cost is $50. A half price option is available in the case of financial need. Payment can be made at Venmo (preferred) @onedharma or Paypal at the “buy now” button below. Checks can be sent here: One Dharma Nashville c/o Nashville Friends Meeting, 530 26th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37209. If paying by Venmo or check, please be sure we have your email address. For questions or a reduced fee request, email