A Buddhist Approach to The Ecological Crisis

Wednesday, April 28, 6:30 – 8 p.m. CT

Led by Keila Franks, Sponsored by One Dharma Nashville

All Are Welcome! Suggested donation is $10 – $20

This session will explore Buddhist understandings of and responses to the ecological crisis. We will also focus on honoring our pain, guilt, anxiety, and grief around the destruction of the earth and living beings. Drawing upon teachings by Joanna Macy, David Loy, Kaira Jewel Lingo, and others, this session will explore how opening up to difficult emotions provides an essential basis for compassionate, skillful action. We will also discuss how Buddhist teachings on interdependence and nonduality can inspire and inform our efforts to seek ecological harmony and environmental justice.

This session will include a talk, guided meditations, and group discussions. A short reading assignment will be sent out to participants before the session, as well as a guided meditation practice that you are encouraged (though not required) to do prior to the session. After the session, you will receive a list of further resources to help continue your exploration of this topic.

Keila Franks, is Master of Divinity student at Harvard Divinity School. She serves on the planning committee for the Harvard Buddhist Community’s 2021 Buddhism and Race Speaker Series. Prior to coming to HDS, Keila was a meditation facilitator at One Dharma Nashville. She also served as the Tennessee Justice Center’s Director of Medicaid Policy Advocacy and led advocacy campaigns aimed at defending and expanding Medicaid in Tennessee.

To attend this session, please RSVP to Keila (kfranks@hds.harvard.edu) before Wednesday, April 21. She will send you the reading, guided meditation and Zoom link. Donations can be made here.