Half Day Meditation Retreat: Getting Unhooked and Cultivating Liberation

A couple of last minute spots have opened!

Saturday, February 18, 12:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Nashville Friends Meeting, 530 26th Ave. N., Nashville, TN

Join us for an afternoon of taking refuge in noble silence, interspersed with instruction, discussion/Q&A. This retreat will help us find liberation from our habitual hooks and reactions, both on and off the cushion. We will begin by shedding light on the many ways that can get “hooked”, “stuck”, “attached,” or “pulled” to a felt sense of unease, tightness and discomfort. We will exlpore how that tightness and sense of unease can hook us into words and actions based on anger, blame, jealousy, self-medicating, restlessness, along with other destructive forms and habits.

We will have guided and silent meditation practice periods to expand our meditation toolkit and practice seeing the “hook” or the “urge” more clearly as it arises. We can also notice the urge to do the next habitual thing and instead create an opportunity to sit peacefully, returning to the present, to something new and fresh. Ultimately becoming friendlier with ourselves, relaxing in awareness,  cultivating skillful action and a sense of liberation on and off the cushion.

All experience levels welcome. Unless prior arrangements have been made, please plan to arrive on on-time (doors lock at 12:40) and stay until the close at 4:30 pm. There will be snacks, water, tea, and coffee, along with a few mindful breaks. Cost is $20 – $50 sliding scale and can be paid by Venmo @onedharma. Important – Please send your email address to:


We look forward to seeing you!

Scott has been meditating for ten years and he completed Osher Center’s Mindfulness Facilitation Training in 2019. In addition, he completed Lisa Ernst’s dharma teacher training in 2022. He is a trained and certified recovery specialist, mindfulness meditation teacher and case manager. Scott leads many mindfulness classes each week and has facilitated groups for Caterpillar, Amazon, The Pencil Foundation, among others.  His mission is to help others find continuous peace, purpose and connectedness all while having fun!

Julie Noland, Ph.D., has maintained a consistent and committed meditation practice since joining One Dharma in 2015. During this time she has also sat over 120 days of multi-day retreats, both in person and online. She completed One Dharma’s facilitator training in 2018 and Lisa Ernst’s dharma teacher training in 2022. She teaches Psychology as Vanderbilt University faculty and Insight Meditation at One Dharma, along with regular volunteering and retreat management.