This program is underway and registration has passed.

Dharma Teacher Development

This program is for mediation facilitators and experienced meditators who would like a path toward more formally teaching the dharma. To qualify, the dharma should be a foundational path in your life and one you would like to share more formally with others through a recognized lineage. You will develop skill in leading half day and daylong retreats and classes as well as refining your presentation of the dharma through talks, writing etc.

Experience requirements include a minimum of 5 – 10 years consistent mediation practice, 25+ nights of residential mediation retreats and a previous training in mindfulness facilitation such as the One Dharma Facilitators Training, Osher’s Mindfulness Facilitation or equivalent. Some exceptions to the previous training requirement include extensive personal/group dharma study, experience sitting meditation retreats beyond 25 nights and a track record of committed community and sangha service.

Retreat Teacher Training Track

This is for experienced meditators of ten or more years who are already teaching and have had significant training in programs such as MMTCP or Spirit Rock’s CDL (both excellent programs, but neither of which provide residential retreat teacher training or authorization to teach at this level). The Dharma teacher training track above can also lead to this training. Along with teacher training, a minimum of 50 nights of residential retreat experience is required and a steady commitment to attend several residential retreats per year of varying lengths. You will have an opportunity to be an assistant teacher at some of Lisa’s residential retreats.

If interested in either of these training opportunities, please email