The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: The Path to Realizing Liberation, Peace, and Joy

This class is postponed until fall due to scheduling conflicts. Stay tuned for the new dates.

Four Wednesdays, July 8 – 29, 2020
7 – 8:30 p.m.
Online Zoom Class led by Julia Reynolds Thompson and Jennifer Wang

“To practice meditation is to look deeply in order to see into the essence of things. Due to our insight and understanding we can realize liberation, peace, and joy.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

This course covers the Four Foundations of Mindfulness: mindfulness of body, feeling tone, mind, and mental formations. These ways of establishing mindfulness, contained in the Satipatthana Sutta, form the root of vipassana, or insight practice. Through these basic practices, we can explore the nature of our minds, our relative world, and the world beyond the self as we know it.

This series is focused on experiential learning and practicing with the Four Foundations over four weeks and is appropriate for beginning or experienced meditators. Our weekly class meetings will include group discussion, a dharma talk and guided meditation. There will be light reading and practices to work with in between classes.

We are offering this class at Three tiers: $60, $100 or $120 to support those who need to pay less. Please pay at the highest end of your ability as your generosity will also help fund scholarships for this class. Inquire to if you need a low cost scholarship spot. You can pay by Paypal at the button below or Venmo @onedharma. To pay by check, use this link for info.


Julia Reynolds Thompson is the Director of Garden Operations for The Nashville Food Project, a nonprofit bringing people together to grow, cook and share nourishing food. She has been meditating with One Dharma since 2015. She has completed One Dharma’s Dedicated and Advanced Practitioner Courses as well as the 2018 Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and Facilitator course.

Jennifer Wang is a facilitator for One Dharma’s Introduction to Meditation Class on Saturday and for our monthly People of Color sangha. Jennifer has been a regular practitioner of mindfulness and meditation for over 12 years. She has completed numerous retreats, both residential and non-residential, in the Insight, Shambhala and Plum Village traditions, including the monthlong silent retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Spring of 2019.